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Ciara has trained thousands of females across the last 5 years and is considered an expert in female body transformations. Her training styles include strength, resistance and HIIT with a specialist focus on female body parts. Her bubbly energy and intense work ethic means training can be as hard as it is fun.

Personal training can either be done on a one to one or paired basis. If you have a specific aim, one to ones are a great way of focusing on the individual and tailoring your diet plan and training to your own personal goals.

If you are more motivated working out with a training partner, then paired sessions may be more up your street. Generally, females work well in pairs and stay committed if they feel they are on their journey in a pair.

For enquiries on personal training, please fill in the contact form.

One To One Training By Ciara Madden

“On good days, work out. On bad days, work out harder.”


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