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Here we deliver the same high quality of training, from our amazing roster of qualified, experienced and supportive Body By Ciara trainers.

Our goal is to improve your strength and fitness and empower you all in reality, through a series of Sculpt, Sweat and Strength workouts in our HQ.

Nestled in the heart of North London, Body HQ is your new home from home. It's a safe space, designed to ensure you can feel the same level of comfort that you get from training at home.

Gym Address

58a Hillfield Park Mews,

Muswell Hill, London

N10 3QR

Telephone: 020 8444 5958

Sweat is welcome.
Bring your greasy hair.
Shove that pineapple bun into that scrunchie. Get that face nice and red.
Embrace those oddly placed sweat patches. Take off that make up.
Let that skin breathe.
Bring your spots.
Bring your energy.
Bring your true authentic self.
This is your home. Treat it like it.