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Muscle Gain

The progress may not appear to be loads, but since joining the squad in May, I have grown in confidence, strength and resistance - both mentally and physically and I am so grateful to be a part of the squad. I have been going to the gym since I was 21/22, but only really took it seriously and had better nutrition since I came back from travelling last Feb (2019). I was nervous about turning 30 in April and I am only 5 months into this new decade but I feel I look and feel better than I ever did in my 20's! So for that Ciara I’m truly grateful for all that you do. I am stronger, fitter, leaner.. 😍😍 and this isn’t even my final form!!

Health Improvement

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the past year. I can’t thank you enough for the positivity and motivation you have given me. Not only have I made friends, become more consistent with my workout and eating, but my balance and positivity has been at a high for the most part. Your energy is infectious and my sister and I cannot thank you enough for creating this amazing space.


Absolutely love your workouts! Had my 3rd baby 5 months ago and my body has completely changed. Really pushing myself to feel strong again - so thank you for being the motivation and encouragement I need! xxx


I just wanted to say I am so grateful for you and all of the Body by Ciara Squad (especially Sophie, OMG how does she have that much energy in the morning, it's amazing!) I've never really been into exercise or looking after myself. I started your workouts in the first lockdown and I haven't looked back. I eat better, sleep better and most importantly I feel so happy. You and your team have created something so special - so thank you! x


Loving all your 30 minute workouts. I'm still going to work everyday and find it so much more manageable to fit in a 30 min workout every morning - love them and love your energy! Thank you for getting me through lockdown 1, 2 & 3!!! x

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