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When people ask me why do I work out... it's for the mental! Of course I want to look hot and be stronger and live longer but it always comes down to clearing my head!🙌🏼💖

1000000% I would like to thank you again. You, your app, the trainers are the reason I love working out (of course I had something to do with it) but I believe finding you in the gram literally saved me. Working out is a non negotiable now it's the therapy I never knew I needed THANK YOU 😊💐🫶🏾✨

I'm not getting a normal gym membership for extra workouts I just want to do everything there so I thought I can just invest my money into this and it helps me with accountability too and actually other things it just makes sense for me.

Ciara I am living for your growth gym plans, it's amazing!! it's exactly what I need right now! Has all my usual exercises but with a bit of guidance and also fitness inspo pics - you look unreal! Thanks again for always bringing amazing products out and putting so much care and work into it! Grateful for you and the body by Ciara team and squad💕

I have been following you for ages but only this week downloaded the app. It is worth every penny and is so much more than fitness!💕💕💕

Your app is easier to navigate. It's clear and concise. I love the variety of trainers. I know I can always dip in and get out what I need and done! I found the other app really hard to use. And actually slightly stressful🤣 Keep going love! You are doing a wicked job! I have been with you from the start and I'm staying!!!❤️

I've just downloaded the app and getting started because I work long shifts with been a radiologist I can do my workouts when it's convenient do the lives when I'm free. I'm ready! I need a Ciara butt!!!!

It was my first live class! I was part of the squad during lockdown and it was life changing❤️ I absolutely loved it so no doubt will be back real soon💋 Thanks for your warm and welcoming energy on the day. What a vibe! Xx

Can I just say how mush your app has helped me and made me feel like a strong arse Mumma! Due to mine and husband working hours I can't always get out to a gym. But stick Thomas the tank engine on, 45-60 mins of pure work and I'm done. Can't thank you enough xx

Honestly had the best time ever, I don't get to go out much between working and the kids so this was perfect. And I tell everyone and anyone about you, your amazing and I love everything you do and stand for ❤️ your the best thank you for a great day xx

Thanks to your app, I have the same sensation. My anxiety have vanished and if I ever feel it coming back, I switch off and sweat it out. You and Sinead have changed everything 🥰❤️ thank you xxx

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