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Welcome to Body By Ciara
Live Stream Workouts

Ciara is a fully qualified Personal Trainer with over 5 years’ experience. She’s amassed a huge social following over the years and has finally decided to take her classes online!

For just £15 a month you will have access to 50+ live workouts a week (that’s less than 10p per class!). All workouts happen live on the @bodybyciarasquad Instagram page and are then uploaded to IGTV so you can catch up whenever works for you.

Classes range from HIIT and weights, strength training and conditioning, to low intensity workouts, yoga, meditation and Pilates. You’ll also find all the nutrition advice and tips you’ll need to stay fit and healthy, along with Q&A sessions with our trainers and continued support to reach your goals.

Ciara’s brought on a team of amazing instructors with decades of experience in fitness and personal training. Being part of the Squad is about more than just getting fit. It’s a supportive and welcoming community where we encourage each other to do our best, push through those difficult days and reach our fitness and body goals.

Live Stream Workouts

The Body By Ciara Live Stream Workouts Includes:

For £15 a month you will have access to 30+ live workouts a week featuring everything from HIIT and weights, low intensity to yoga, meditation and Pilates, as well as tips on nutrition and Q&A sessions.

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